boot.efi x64 patch for Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard

If the Apple computer you are using does not allow booting into 64-bit kernel, applying this patch will help.
It patches the boot.efi system file to allow x64 booting.
Should work for all Apple models.

Apple does not include 64-bit graphics drivers for some models.
Here are the Intel GMA X3100 64-bit kexts to use with 64-bit kernel
and a install script for:

I cannot support these kernel extensions though, as I no longer have any of the above models. This forum has some info about getting the GMA X3100 to work. projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=763


    1. Anonymous24.12.11

      Can u please update the patch for 10.7.2?
      Thank u

    2. Anonymous27.12.11

      although the gmax3100 kexts r recognized in efi64 they r not fully accelerated ... how can we re-enable qe/ci in lion ?

    3. Sorry for the late reply, I thought Apple would release the 10.7.3 sooner. The patch is now updated for Lion.

      What do you mean with "qe/ci"?

    4. Anonymous25.2.12

      Would be nice if you could patch boot.efi for mountain lion. Thanx so lot.

    5. A patch for Mountain Lion is now up. Please post results.

    6. Anonymous26.2.12

      I just tried with Mountain Lion on my MacBook2,1. Without the kexts for GMA 950 installed. It works on 32 bits. Patching the EFI it gets stuck at "Waiting for DSMOS" line.

    7. Anonymous26.2.12

      I also tried with LIon, using the Lion patch, in my MacBook2,1. Same thing. "Waiting for DSMOS". Did you make it working on MacBook2,1?

    8. Orsodimare28.2.12

      On a MacPro 1,1(2,1) doesn't work neither the Snow Leo patch, nor the Lion... the only way to boot @64bit is through Chameleon...

    9. Anonymous29.2.12

      Hi, I am sorry- the patch for ML doesnt work. Kernel is still 32 bit - X3100 kext shows 64 bit on my MB 3.1.

    10. Anonymous13.5.12

      Could you please give more information about how you patched these boot.efi files. It can be useful that people can patch their boot.efi by hand if apple releases an update.

    11. tHeKiLLeR1713.6.12

      Can you please update the script for Lion 10.7.4?

    12. Will the script for Mountain Lion work with the GM? If not, could you please update it?

    13. 5k0tt27.9.12

      Can you please update the script for Lion 10.7.4?

    14. Would really appreciate an updated patch that works for 10.8.3 for Macbook Air 4,1 and Mac Mini 6,2?

    15. Will this patch work for 10.7.5?


      1. Kevin,

        I reviewed the script and it checksums the boot.efi file before patching. Since the 10.7.5 file doesn't have the same checksum as the 10.7.3 version, the answer is currently "no."

    16. Peter20.8.13

      Thanks so much for the 10.6.8 patch which helped my MacBook 4,1. After lots of time searching and trying to patch it myself, your post saved the day. Thanks again!

    17. Swegen, if you're still around, could you send me a message?

      Here's a quick summary of my current experiments, Kevin:

      * Using MacBook 4,1 with 4GB RAM.

      * Patched 10.7.3 boot file and then added it to my vanilla install of Mac OS X 10.7.5 (32-bit) with the other commands from swegen's script. Verified boot into 64-bit mode with System Report (and new graphical glitches - I didn't work on the graphics driver yet.)

      * Set the architecture back to i386 and verified I can start up in 64-bit at will by holding 6 and 4 -right away- upon boot. Since I used FileVault to encrypt my whole drive, 6 and 4 must be held before the user is prompted for the FV password (just before before the Apple with "gear" stage). There's a nice restart button at this screen in case they keys were not held immediately. (Holding 6, 4 after FV password is too late.)

      Other items:
      * I'll attach my email to this message.

      * To verify, I'm using a straight 10.7.5 install with a patched 10.7.3 boot.efi file to get into 64-bit mode. I thought it wouldn't even boot with the mismatched files but so far - no blood, no foul. I haven't reviewed the OS X 10.7.3 to 10.7.5 revision history; I'm not sure if it's better to be on 10.7.5 with a 10.7.3 boot.efi or on 10.7.3 with a matching, patched boot.efi.

      * Does anyone have a nice summary of boot.efi's responsibilities? Searched but haven't found one yet.

      * Swegen's patch is a binary patch and because the boot.efi file changes from 10.7.3 to 10.7.5, we can't easily "update" it to start working on 10.7.5. (I don't know much about working with binary patches.)

      * When I used swegen's patch on 10.6.8, there were deal-breakers: machine wouldn't turn off its display - like ever - closing the lid or not. I'll see what happens in 10.7.5 and report back.

      * So, why am I doing all this? So I can work with ZFS, which requires a 64-bit kernel.


      peter dot gappin at gmail dot com

    18. maybe its crazy but how about 10.10.3

    19. Anonymous22.10.15


      Works on my MacPro 1,1 in both Yose (10.10.5) and El Cap (10.11 - not updating to .1 until others test)